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 SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 Cheat Codes

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PostSubject: SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 Cheat Codes   Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:27 am

#Inf Health
0x00272818 0x03E00008
0x0027281c 0x00000000
0x002730f4 0x03E00008
0x002730f8 0x00000000
;No shock from nades and shotguns
0x00571498 0x447A0000

#Infinite Medkits
0x00609194 0x05580558

#No Fall Damage
0x0056854C 0x477A0000
0x00568550 0x477A0000
0x00568554 0x477A0000

#No Knee Break (Fall)
0x00267784 0x03E00008
0x00267788 0x00000000

#No Flash Blindness
0x004B0160 0x00000000

#Rapid Fire
0x00287BDC 0x1000000B

#Rapid Zx25 Burst
0x0063CF18 0x001409C8
0x0063CF1C 0x0000001E

#Inf Ammo
0x0030c908 0x00C52821

#Silent Death
;Sniper Rifles
0x00600CAC 0x000000FF
0x006011B4 0x000000FF
0x00601574 0x000000FF
0x00601b30 0x000000FF
0x00601FF0 0x000000FF
0x006024b0 0x000000FF
0x006029B8 0x000000FF
;Machine Guns
0x005FF058 0x000000FF
0x005FF5CC 0x000000FF
0x005FE5DC 0x000000FF
0x005FFBAC 0x000000FF
0x005008C4 0x000000FF
0x005FCBBC 0x000000FF
0x00500BB8 0x000000FF
0x005FDA40 0x000000FF

#Throw All Ammo
;Credit: fishhhy
0x006077d0 0x00000001 ; M67
0x00607458 0x00000001 ; Mark 141
0x00607134 0x00000001 ; HE
0x006069dc 0x00000001 ; AN-M8
0x006084E8 0x00000001 ; PMN
0x006087F4 0x00000001 ; claymore
0x006081D4 0x00000001 ; claymore
0x00608AFC 0x00000001 ; AT4
0x00608E20 0x00000001 ; RPG-7
0x00600914 0x00000001 ; M1918
0x00605E44 0x00000001 ; SPZ15
0x005FF0A8 0x00000001 ; STG77
0x00601204 0x00000001 ; L96AW
0x00601b80 0x00000001 ; M40A1
0x00606224 0x00000001 ; Crossbow
0x00606600 0x00000001 ; Repeating Crossbow
0x00602040 0x00000001 ; M87ELR
0x00602500 0x00000001 ; SR-25
0x006052A4 0x00000001 ; M4-90
0x00605684 0x00000001 ; Less lethal M4-90
0x005FFBFC 0x00000001 ; M8
0x00600CFC 0x00000001 ; SAS-R
0x00602EC8 0x00000001 ; R303
0x006032C4 0x00000001 ; MM-1 MultiLauncher
0x0060050C 0x00000001 ; M60E3
0x00605A64 0x00000001 ; SG-7
0x006000E0 0x00000001 ; RTK-74
0x005FEC0C 0x00000001 ; ATS-86G
0x006016C4 0x00000001 ; M1
0x00602A08 0x00000001 ; VSV-39
0x005FF61C 0x00000001 ; SR-22
0x005FE62C 0x00000001 ; SFCR-LW

#Plant All Ammo
;Credit: fishhhy
0x006077d0 0x00000003 ; M67
0x00607458 0x00000003 ; Mark 141
0x00607134 0x00000003 ; HE
0x006069dc 0x00000003 ; AN-M8
0x006084E8 0x00000003 ; PMN
0x006087F4 0x00000003 ; claymore
0x006081D4 0x00000003 ; claymore
0x00608AFC 0x00000003 ; AT4
0x00608E20 0x00000003 ; RPG-7
0x00600914 0x00000003 ; M1918
0x00605E44 0x00000003 ; SPZ15
0x005FF0A8 0x00000003 ; STG77
0x00601204 0x00000003 ; L96AW
0x00601b80 0x00000003 ; M40A1
0x00606224 0x00000003 ; Crossbow
0x00606600 0x00000003 ; Repeating Crossbow
0x00602040 0x00000003 ; M87ELR
0x00602500 0x00000003 ; SR-25
0x006052A4 0x00000003 ; M4-90
0x00605684 0x00000003 ; Less lethal M4-90
0x005FFBFC 0x00000003 ; M8
0x00600CFC 0x00000003 ; SAS-R
0x00602EC8 0x00000003 ; R303
0x006032C4 0x00000003 ; MM-1 MultiLauncher
0x0060050C 0x00000003 ; M60E3
0x00605A64 0x00000003 ; SG-7
0x006000E0 0x00000003 ; RTK-74
0x005FEC0C 0x00000003 ; ATS-86G
0x006016C4 0x00000003 ; M1
0x00602A08 0x00000003 ; VSV-39
0x005FF61C 0x00000003 ; SR-22
0x005Fe62C 0x00000003 ; SFCR-LW

#Throw PMNS/Claymores
0x006084E8 0x00000001
0x006087F4 0x00000001

#Throw Rockets
0x00608AFC 0x00000001
0x00608E20 0x00000001

#Throw MM-1 Launcher Shots
0x006032c4 0x00000001

#Rapid Grenades/Keep tapping
0x00009d1c 0x00000000
0x0025de24 0x00000000
0x00287cd0 0x00000000
0x00287e10 0x93A40020

#Plant Grenades
0x006077d0 0x00000003
0x00607458 0x00000003
0x00607134 0x00000003

#!!Fast Lock-On
;Fast Lock-On (M87ELR)
0x00602034 0x3F950000
0x00602038 0x3F950000
0x0060203C 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (M40A1)
0x00601b74 0x3F950000
0x00601b78 0x3F950000
0x00601b7C 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (L96AW)
0x006011F8 0x3F950000
0x006011FC 0x3F950000
0x00601200 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (SR-25)
0x006024F4 0x3F950000
0x006024F8 0x3F950000
0x006024FC 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (SAS-R)
0x00600CF0 0x3F950000
0x00600CF4 0x3F950000
0x00600CF8 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (VSV-39)
0x006029FC 0x3F950000
0x00602A00 0x3F950000
0x00602A04 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (M1)
0x006016b8 0x3F950000
0x006016BC 0x3F950000
0x006016C0 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (Repeating Crossbow)
0x006065F4 0x3F955000
0x006065F8 0x3F955000
0x006065FC 0x499CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (RTK-74)
0x006000D4 0x3F995000
0x006000D8 0x3F995000
0x006000DC 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (SFCR-LW)
0x005FE620 0x3F995000
0x005FE624 0x3F995000
0x005FE628 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (M8 )
0x005FFBF0 0x3F995000
0x005FFBF4 0x3F995000
0x005FFBF8 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (STG-77)
0x005FF09C 0x3F995000
0x005FF0A0 0x3F995000
0x005FF0A4 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (SR-22)
0x005FF610 0x3F995000
0x005FF614 0x3F995000
0x005FF618 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (ATS-86G)
0x005FEC00 0x3F995000
0x005FEC04 0x3F995000
0x005FEC08 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (SPZ-15)
0x00605E38 0x3F995000
0x00605E3C 0x3F995000
0x00605E40 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (M60E3)
0x00600500 0x3F995000
0x00600504 0x3F995000
0x00600508 0x479CCCCD
;Fast Lock-On (M1918)
0x00600908 0x3F995000
0x0060090C 0x3F995000
0x00600910 0x479CCCCD

#No Recoil
0x0000DDDC 0x03E00008

#No Scope Recoil
0x00287f08 0x03E00008
0x00287f0C 0x00000000

#Full Screen Scope
0x001B79F4 0x00000000

#Lock on AT4 and RPG
0x00608ad4 0x00000001 ;Lock-on At4
0x00608df8 0x00000001 ;Lock-on RPG

#Bouncing Rockets
0x005fb3a4 0x00001B58
0x005fb57c 0x00001B58

0x005fb3a4 0x00001b58 ;BOUNCY ROCKET
0x005fb57c 0x00001b58 ;BOUNCY ROCKET
0x00287bdc 0x1000000b ;RAPID FIRE
0x0056896c 0x3f990000 ;FLASH
0x00568520 0x43000000 ;LOW GRAVITY
0x00568550 0x447a0000 ;NO FALL DAMAGE
0x00608e70 0x2E5BF271 ;RPG AMMO
0x00257fac 0x03e00008 ;VERTICAL CLIPPING
0x005fb398 0x40000000

#4x Throw Distance
0x005687cc 0x451C0000
0x005687d0 0x451C0000

#1.5 Throw Distance
0x005687cc 0x446A4000

#Unnoticeable Throw Distance
0x005687cc 0x446A4000
0x005687d0 0x44578000

#NightPr One Shot
0x005f8760 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005f8b10 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005f8ce8 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005f8ec0 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005f9098 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005f9270 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005f9448 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005f9520 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005f97f8 0xFFFFFFFF
0x005fa4e0 0xFFFFFFFF

#NightPr Perfect Target Lock
0x00568884 0x00000000
0x00568888 0x00000000
0x0056888c 0x00000000
0x00568890 0x00000000
0x00568894 0x00000000
0x00568898 0x00000000
0x005688dc 0x00000000
0x005688e0 0x00000000
0x005688e4 0x00000000
0x005688e8 0x00000000

#No Target Lock
0x00568888 0x00000000
0x0056888c 0x00000000
0x00568890 0x00000000
0x00568894 0x00000000
0x00568898 0x00000000
0x005688c0 0x00000000
0x005688d8 0x00000000
0x005688dc 0x00000000
0x005688e0 0x00000000

#Offline Weapons Online
0x0060330C 0x00000005
0x00607FE8 0x00000014
0x00607FEC 0x00000000
0x00607E60 0x3EB2B8C2
0x00605254 0x0000004C
;Stinger Online
0x00607af4 0x44BB8000
0x00607af8 0x00000079
0x00607afc 0xB6A2F3FB

#Grenades through walls
0x001f4108 0x03E00008
0x001f410c 0x00000000

#Shoot Through Walls
0x001156b4 0x03E00008
0x001156b8 0x00000000

#No Cross hairs
0x0033c908 0x03e00008
0x0033c918 0x00000000

#R303 Online
0x00602e78 0x00000049
0x00602e7c 0x2a5270c5

#M7-3A online
0x00606d14 0x0000007D
0x00606d18 0xB6A2F3FB

#Weird Target Lock
0x000183f0 0xd8a40020
0x000db3ac 0xd8a40020
0x000e2198 0xd8a40020
0x000e2894 0xd8a40020
0x000e37dc 0xd8a40020
0x00166adc 0xd8a40020
0x00217930 0xd8a40020
0x00218a54 0xd8a40020

#Gun doesn't work
0x00283e68 0x03E00008

#Grenades don't work
0x0049e838 0x001409C8

#M203/Non-Explosive rooms
0x0063c1a8 0x000000ff

#Shoot M7A3
0x0063C1A8 0x0000007D

#Shoot AT4
0x0063C1A8 0x0000008F

#shoot VSV
0x0063C1A8 0x0000006F

#Shoot RK74
0x0063C1A8 0x0000005F

#Shoot hk5
0x0063C1A8 0x0000001F

#Shoot HE
0x0063C1A8 0x0000007E

#Shoot M1
0x0063C1A8 0x0000006E

#Shoot Less Lethal M490
0x0063C1A8 0x0000004D

#Shoot Repeating Crossbow
0x0063C1A8 0x0000006D

#Shoot Crossbow
0x0063C1A8 0x0000006C

#Shoot R303
0x0063C1A8 0x0000004C

#shoot Ats-86G
0x0063C1A8 0x0000004B

#Shoot M60E3
0x0063C1A8 0x0000005B

#Shoot L96AW
0x0063C1A8 0x0000006B

#Shoot Mark 141
0x0063C1A8 0x0000007B

#Shoot unlocalized
0x0063C1A8 0x0000009B

#Shoot ANM8
0x0063C1A8 0x0000007A

#Shoot SR25
0x0063C1A8 0x0000006A

#Shoot Pills
0x0063C1A8 0x0000005A

#Shoot SR22
0x0063C1A8 0x0000004A

#Shoot AK47
0x0063C1A8 0x0000003A

#Shoot M1928
0x0063C1A8 0x00000029

#Shoot Airstrike
0x0063C1A8 0x000000A2

#Shoot Supply Drop
0x0063C1A8 0x000000A3

#Shoot Explosion
0x0063C1A8 0x0000009C

#Shoot Satchel
0x0063C1A8 0x00000098

#Shoot C4
0x0063C1A8 0x00000097

#Shoot Medkit
0x0063C1A8 0x000000D6

#Shoot Pmn
0x0063C1A8 0x0000009E

#Shoot M7A3
0x0063C1A8 0x0000007D

#Shoot Intel
0x0063C1A8 0x000000DA

#Shoot Ranover
0x0063C1A8 0x000000FC

#Shoot Fall to Death
0x0063C1A8 0x000000FD

#Shoot No death
0x0063C1A8 0x000000FF

#Shoot Thermal Scope
0x0063C1A8 0x000000C4

#Shoot Low Scope
0x0063C1A8 0x000000C5

#Shoot High Scope
0x0063C1A8 0x000000C7

#Shoot Red Dot Scope
0x0063C1A8 0x000000CA

#Shoot Heavy Suppressor
0x0063C1A8 0x000000CB

#Shoot LT. Suppressor
0x0063C1A8 0x000000CC

#Shoot Light Suppressor
0x0063C1A8 0x000000CE

#Shoot Vari. Scope
0x0063C1A8 0x000000D0

#Shoot Laser Sight
0x0063C1A8 0x000000D3

#Shoot Empty
0x0063C1A8 0x000000E9

Replace ** with number
00= M203 Frag
01= M203 M680
02= M203 He
03= ZX25 AirBurst
04= GL36 Frag
05= M303 LL
06= M8-62 Shotgun
07= GS 1 Frag
08= Low-Scope
09= High-Scope
0a= Vari-Scope
0b= Red Dot Scope
0c= Laser Sight
0d= H. Suppressor
0e= LT. Suppressor
0f= Light Suppressor
10= Thermal Scope
11= Blank

0x005FDB0C 0x000000**
0x005FDB2C 0x000000**
0x005FDB4C 0x000000**
0x005FDB6C 0x000000**
0x005FDB8C 0x000000**
0x005FDBAC 0x000000**
0x005FDBCC 0x000000**
0x005FDBEC 0x000000**
0x005FDC0C 0x000000**
0x005FDC2C 0x000000**
0x005FDC4C 0x000000**

#M16 A2
0x005FD550 0x000000**
0x005FD570 0x000000**
0x005FD590 0x000000**
0x005FD5B0 0x000000**
0x005FD5D0 0x000000**
0x005FD5F0 0x000000**
0x005FD610 0x000000**
0x005FD630 0x000000**
0x005FD650 0x000000**
0x005FD6F0 0x000000**

0x00500D64 0x000000**
0x00500D84 0x000000**
0x00500DA4 0x000000**
0x00500DC4 0x000000**
0x00500E64 0x000000**

#STG 77
0x005FF11C 0x000000**
0x005FF13C 0x000000**
0x005FF15C 0x000000**
0x005FF17C 0x000000**
0x005FF19C 0x000000**
0x005FF1BC 0x000000**
0x005FF25C 0x000000**
0x005FF27C 0x000000**

#RTK 74
0x00500130 0x000000**
0x00500150 0x000000**
0x00500170 0x000000**

#MM1 Multi Launcher
0x0060330C 0x000000**

0x00605AAC 0x000000**

#SK 61
0x006046F4 0x000000**
0x00604714 0x000000**

#9mm Sub
0x006036C8 0x000000**
0x006036E8 0x000000**

#SR 25
0x00602568 0x000000**
0x00602588 0x000000**
0x006025A8 0x000000**

0x00501724 0x000000**
0x00501744 0x000000**
0x00501764 0x000000**

0x00501264 0x000000**
0x00501284 0x000000**

0x0060626C 0x000000**

#SR 22
0x005Ff69C 0x000000**
0x005Ff6BC 0x000000**
0x005Ff6DC 0x000000**
0x005Ff6FC 0x000000**
0x005Ff71C 0x000000**
0x005Ff73C 0x000000**
0x005Ff75C 0x000000**
0x005Ff85C 0x000000**

0x00605E8C 0x000000**

0x005FE6AC 0x000000**
0x005FE6CC 0x000000**
0x005FE6EC 0x000000**
0x005FE70C 0x000000**
0x005FE72C 0x000000**
0x005FE74C 0x000000**
0x005FE76C 0x000000**
0x005FE86C 0x000000**

0x005FE0CC 0x000000**
0x005FE0EC 0x000000**
0x005FE10C 0x000000**
0x005FE12C 0x000000**
0x005FE14C 0x000000**
0x005FE28C 0x000000**

#Repeating Crossbow
0x00606648 0x000000**

0x00602F24 0x000000**
0x00602F44 0x000000**
0x00602F64 0x000000**

#M87 ELR
0x006020A0 0x000000**
0x006020C0 0x000000**
0x00602140 0x000000**
0x00602160 0x000000**

0x005FFC60 0x000000**
0x005FFC80 0x000000**
0x005FFCA0 0x000000**
0x005FFCC0 0x000000**

0x00500558 0x000000**
0x00500578 0x000000**

#M4 90
0x006052EC 0x000000**

0x00501BE0 0x000000**
0x00501C00 0x000000**
0x00501C20 0x000000**
0x00501C40 0x000000**
0x00501C80 0x000000**
0x00501CA0 0x000000**

0x00604AFC 0x000000**

#HK 7
0x006042E8 0x000000**
0x00604308 0x000000**

#HK 5
0x00603EDC 0x000000**
0x00603EFC 0x000000**

0x00604EE4 0x000000**
0x00604F04 0x000000**

#AK 47
0x005FD0B4 0x000000**
0x005FD0D4 0x000000**
0x005FD0F4 0x000000**
0x005FD114 0x000000**

#General Stats
0x0004D07C 0x24067FFF
0x0004D1C4 0x24067FFF
0x0004D1EC 0x24067FFF
0x0004D200 0x24060000
0x0004D228 0x24067FFF
0x0004D25C 0x24060001
;Survival Rating
0x0004D270 0x24067FFF
;Best Round Kills
0x0004d300 0x24067FFF
0x0004d328 0x24067FFF
0x0004D33C 0x024060000
;Weapon 1
0x0004d380 0x24067FFF
0x0004d3ac 0x24060000
0x0004d3e0 0x24067FFF
;Weapon 2
0x0004d408 0x24067FFF
0x0004d434 0x24060000
0x0004d468 0x24067FFF
0x0004D9DC 0x96667FFF
0x0004D9F0 0x24067FFF
0x0004DA04 0x24067FFF
0x0004DA18 0x24067FFF
0x0004DA48 0x24067FFF
0x0004dad8 0x24060000
0x0004DAA0 0x24067FFF
0x0004DAB4 0x24067FFF
0x0004DAC8 0x24060000
0x0004db0c 0x24067FFF
0x0004db20 0x24060000
0x0004db34 0x24067FFF
0x0004db48 0x24067FFF
0x0004db5c 0x24067FFF
0x0004db8c 0x24067FFF
0x0004dba0 0x24067FFF

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SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 Cheat Codes
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