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 SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 Cheat Codes P2

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PostSubject: SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 Cheat Codes P2   Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:28 am

#True Vertical Clipping
0x00257fAC 0x03e00008

0x00568538 0xFFFFFFFF

#Zoom Teleport
0x001b7c00 0xE7CD0018
0x001b7c10 0xE7CD001C
0x001b7c20 0xE7CD0020

#play dead
0x0027244c 0x03E00008

;Shoot through walls
0x001156b4 0x03E00008
0x001156b8 0x00000000

;see through walls
0x005212E8 0x00000000
0x005212EC 0x00FFFFFF

0x00277cf8 0x03E00008
0x00277cfc 0x00000000

#Invisibility/ Transparency Characters
0x00568520 0x461C3C00
0x005687CC 0x461C3C00
0x005687D0 0x461C3C00
0x005687D4 0x3DCCCCCC
0x0002E128 0x00000000
0x0006AD38 0x00000000
0x000BF628 0x00000000
0x000FEFB8 0x00000000
0x00332BE8 0x00000000
0x003372B8 0x00000000

0x0056896c 0x3FFFFFFF

#Flash Controlled
0x0056896c 0x3FB00000

#Flash 40a
0x0056896c 0x400AAAAA

#Flash 3f9
0x0056896c 0x3F900000

#Flash 400
0x0056896c 0x40000000

#Unnoticeable Flash
0x0056896c 0x3F844444

#Unnoticeable Turn Speed
0x0056855c 0x3FCCCCCD
0x00568560 0x3fb33333
0x00568564 0x3fcccccd
0x00568568 0x3fe00000

#Speed Turn
0x0056855c 0x40000000
0x00568560 0x40000000
0x00568564 0x40000000
0x00568568 0x40000000

#Sprint Run
0x2001b620 0x3C054000

#Stealth Run
0x2001b620 0x3c0308c9

#Infinite CE/Superb LI
0x0051c5e4 0x000F423F
0x205207b4 0x000F423F

#Force Green Up
0x00145FEC 0x0A2517D8
0x00145FF0 0x00000000

#Force (switch team = Force)
;You must be the game host
0x00145f58 0x0a2517d8
0x005aa4a8 0x46207d74
0x005aa4ac 0x6563726f
0x005aa4b0 0x6d614720
0x005aa4b4 0x00000065

#V.130 =
0x01095354 0x********
0x01095358 0x********

#Developed by =
0x005a8724 0x********
0x005a8728 0x********
0x005a872c 0x********
0x005a8730 0x********
0x005a8734 0x********
0x005a8738 0x********
0x005a873c 0x********
0x005a8740 0x********
0x005a8744 0x********
0x005a8748 0x********
0x005a874c 0x********

#Custom Taunt
0x005A3C0C 0x********
0x005A3C10 0x********
0x005A3C14 0x********
0x005A3C18 0x********
0x005A3C1c 0x********
0x005A3C20 0x********
0x005A3C24 0x********
0x005A3C28 0x********
0x005A3C2c 0x********

#Custom Vote out message
0x0049984C 0x********
0x00499850 0x********
0x00499854 0x********
0x00499858 0x********

#Custom "Vote"
0x0058F130 0x********

#Custom Choose Weapon
0x005928F0 0x********
0x005928F4 0x********
0x005928F8 0x********
0x005928FC 0x********

#Custom Select Character
0x00592900 0x********
0x00592904 0x********
0x00592908 0x********
0x0059290C 0x********
0x00592910 0x********

#Custom Switch Team
0x005AA4A8 0x********
0x005AA4AC 0x********
0x005AA4B0 0x********
0x005AA4B4 0x********
0x005AA4B8 0x********

#Custom Post Game Score
0x00593328 0x********
0x0059332C 0x********
0x00593330 0x********
0x00593334 0x********
0x00593338 0x********
0x0059333C 0x********

#Climb =
0x0049F79C 0x********
0x0049F7A0 0x********

#Pick Up Primary =
0x0049F7AC 0x********
0x0049F7B0 0x********
0x0049F7B4 0x********
0x0049F7B8 0x********

#Revive =
0x0049F878 0x********
0x0049F87C 0x********

#Medkit =
0x0049F888 0x********
0x0049F88C 0x********

#[] Respawn =
0x0049F9AC 0x********
0x0049F9B0 0x********
0x0049F9B4 0x********

#Respawn In =
0x0049F99C 0x********
0x0049F9A0 0x********
0x0049F9A4 0x********
0x0049F9A8 0x********

Drop Bomb =
0x0049f7d0 0x********
0x0049f7d4 0x********
0x0049f7d8 0x********

Knife =
0x0049f7e0 0x********
0x0049f7e4 0x********

Restrain =
0x0049f7e8 0x********
0x0049f7ec 0x********

Rifle butt =
0x0049f7f4 0x********
0x0049f7f8 0x********
0x0049f7fc 0x********

0x00594df4 0x********
0x00594df8 0x********

0x00bd42b0 0x********
0x00bd42b4 0x********

#Start Game=
0x005840c8 0x********
0x005840cc 0x********
0x005840d0 0x********

#Fast Login=
0x00592a7c 0x********
0x00592a80 0x********
0x00592a84 0x********

#Online Login=
0x00592940 0x********
0x00592944 0x********
0x00592948 0x********

#Game Experience May Change During Online Play.=
0x00bd4200 0x********
0x00bd4204 0x********
0x00bd4208 0x********
0x00bd420c 0x********
0x00bd4210 0x********
0x00bd4214 0x********
0x00bd4218 0x********
0x00bd4228 0x********

0x00bd4230 0x********
0x00bd4234 0x********
0x00bd4238 0x********
0x00bd423c 0x********
0x00bd4240 0x********
0x00bd4244 0x********

#Friends List=
0x00592e44 0x********
0x00592e48 0x********
0x00592e4c 0x********

#Add Player=
0x00595a70 0x********
0x00595a74 0x********
0x00595a78 0x********

0x00595c70 0x********

#Edit Friends List=
0x00599d74 0x********
0x00599d78 0x********
0x00599d7c 0x********
0x00599d80 0x********
0x00599d84 0x********

0x005b592c 0x********

0x00583c64 0x********
0x00583c68 0x********

#SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 Data [numbersign]N was successfully loaded.=
0x005b514c 0x********
0x005b5150 0x********
0x005b5154 0x********
0x005b5158 0x********
0x005b515c 0x********
0x005b5160 0x********
0x005b5164 0x********
0x005b5168 0x********
0x005b516c 0x********

#!Skywalker Joker
0x001826A8 0x0E33C0C0
0x001826AC 0x00000000
0x004F0300 0x3C19089E
0x004F0304 0x8F38105C
0x004F0308 0x17000006
0x004F0328 0x03E00008
0x0049E214 0x57594B53
0x0049E218 0x454B4C41
0x0049E21C 0x00000052
0x0049E224 0x57594B53
0x0049E228 0x454B4C41
0x0049E22C 0x00000052

#Teleport to crosshairs
;point cross hairs press R and Square to teleport
0x001e10c8 0x0e330840
0x004c2100 0x3c0908d1
0x004c2104 0x3c1909b6
0x004c2108 0x8d2ae3d8
0x004c210c 0x87385d54
0x004c2110 0x240f8200
0x004c212c 0xc54e0cc0
0x004c2130 0xe54e0020
0x004c2134 0x03e00008

#Leap from Edge
;Hold Square to fly up
;Make sure you have "no fall damage" on as well!!!
0x001B74A4 0x0A33C180
0x00568528 0x436B0000
0x004F0610 0x15F80006
0x004F0614 0x3C0DC248
0x004F0618 0x35AD0000
0x004F061C 0xAD4D8520
0x004F0620 0x0A33C18D
0x004F062C 0x8D598528
0x004F0630 0xAD598520
0x004F0634 0x03E00008

#Jump L Trigger
; Hold L trigger to "Jump"
0x001b7dc4 0x0a330814
0x004c2050 0x3c0908d1
0x004c2068 0x8d2ae3d8
0x004c206c 0xc54f001c
0x004c2070 0x3c0b4100;Change the last 4 digits to mod how much gets added to Y coordinate.
0x004c2074 0x448b8000
0x004c2078 0x46107bc0
0x004c2080 0x03e00008

#Mark and Recall 1.0
;R + Left = Store Current Coordinates
;R + Right = Store Second Set of Coordinates
;L + Left = Jump to first marked coordinates (Marked by R + Left)
;L + Right = Jump to second marked coordinates (Marked by R + Right)
0x001e10c8 0x0e330c0d
0x004c3034 0x3c0809b6
0x004c3038 0x85095d54
0x004c303c 0x3c0a08d1
0x004c3040 0x8d4be3d8
0x004c3044 0x240c0280
0x004c3048 0x152c0009
0x004c3050 0x3c0d08cf
0x004c3054 0x8d6e0018
0x004c3058 0xadae0900
0x004c30e4 0xad6e001c
0x004c30e8 0x8dae0928
0x004c30ec 0xad6e0020
0x004c30f4 0x03e00008

#Switch Teams
0x00182610 0x0E2517BD
0x00182614 0x00000000
0x0049E1F8 0x4D414554
0x0049E1FC 0x49575320
0x0049E20C 0x00484354

#Silo's MenuBoot
0x0049e1f8 0x4D414554
0x0049e1fc 0x49575320
0x0049e200 0x00484354
0x0049e204 0x4D414554
0x000fde88 0x340800ff

#Stick to Player
; Press start and go to where Compass would be and press x to turn it on. Use down on d-pad to scroll between players (only works on teammates for now).
0x00182624 0x0e330c00
0x00182628 0x00000000
0x00182634 0x3c1108cc
0x0018263c 0x26312f40
0x004c2f44 0x5020594b
0x004c2f48 0x4559414c
0x004c2f4c 0x4f203a52
0x004c2f50 0x0000004e
0x004c2f58 0x43495453
0x004c2f5c 0x5020594b
0x004c2f60 0x4559414c
0x004c2f64 0x4f203a52
0x004c2f68 0x00004646
0x004c2fc0 0x4d414554

0x004c3538 0xc5eb0004
0x004c353c 0xc5ec0008
0x004c3540 0x3c0b4150 ;This adds the float of 41500000 to the person's x and y coordinate so you hover above them off to the side.
0x004c3544 0x448b6800
0x004c3548 0x460d5280
0x004c354c 0x460d5ac0
0x004c3550 0xe54a0018
0x004c3820 0x11e0000e
0x004c3828 0x354aa030

Right - Scroll Down 1
Right+R - Scroll Down 1000
Left - Scroll Up 1
Left+R - Scroll Up 1000
Left+L - Subtract 1 from data
Right+L - Add 1 to data
Down+L - NOP data
StartMenu>JRRA DATA - jr ra current address, nop the following address

#Memory Viewer
0x201b1140 0x10000007
0x201b1160 0x3c1908cf
0x201b1164 0x2484d248
0x201b1168 0x3c0508ca
0x201b116c 0x8f260290
0x201b1170 0x14c00009
0x204F0408 0x240d0020
0x204F040c 0x170d0003
0x204F0414 0x25ce0004
0x204F0418 0xadee0290
0x204F041c 0x240d0080
0x204F0420 0x170d0004
0x204F0428 0x240d0004
0x204F042c 0x01cd7023
0x204F0460 0x240d0180
0x204F0464 0x170d0005
0x204F046c 0x8dcd0000
0x204F0470 0x240c0001
0x204F0474 0x01ac6823
0x204F0478 0xadcd0000
0x204F047c 0x240d0140
0x204F049c 0x25ad0001
0x2049e25c 0x54414420
0x2049e260 0x00000041

#teleport to nearest player(joker)
; hit left dpad to go to the nearest player
0x001e10d4 0x0e330980
0x004c2600 0x3c0908d1
0x004c2604 0x3c1908d4
0x004c2608 0x3c1809b6
0x004c2638 0x03e00008

Most information copied from If you find a error in a cheat sequence report immediatly. Thank You.
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SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 Cheat Codes P2
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