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 DSI Guide: Main Menu

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PostSubject: DSI Guide: Main Menu   Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:41 am

DSI Guide created, written, and posted by Aspen Kitsune. I do not own Nintendo.

Razz You've arrived at another chapter in this guide! Razz

When you turn on your DSi, you'll click on the bottom screen to enter the main menu. You'll notice on the top screen (Under construction). On the bottom are a series of boxes in a straight line, with pictures corrensponding with it's function. In this section, I'll go into initimate detail on each of the default features and the main menu.

Notice that after you've turned on th DSi and gotten passed the annoying DSi introduction thing, you should arrive at the DSi's main menu. On the top screen, you should see the the following in this order, from top to bottom.

Volume/ Username Month/Day Time/Battery Level
********Taken Picture********
L Camera R Camera

Press L or R on this menu to access a mini version of the camera. On the mini version, you should be able to go back to the menu or directly to the camera.

Now, let's direct our attention to the bottom screen.
You'll see a series of boxes. The one that you've moved to the middle of the white boxes' arrow has it's name displayed in the box. It's also the one you can open if you tap on it, and let go. If you press and hold it won't do anything.
Don't like the order of your channels? Tap and hold onto the one you'd like to move, and drag it to the top of the bottom screen. Now, if you look inbetween the channels, you should see small boxes. These boxes represent places you can move the channel of your choice to. Move the selected channel to the sides of the screen to move farther along the spaces (which I highly doubt you'll fill up very soon). If you are pondering your desicion, you may also place the channel on the big box on top for a bit. No matter how much you move the screen, it will stay there.If you turn off the power, it will be in the first box when you turn it back on. The scroll thing on the bottom helps whisk through your choices. Or, touch a section of the screen, drag it the other way and let go. The view will fly the other way. Cool huh?

Now, perhaps you've taken interest in the 7 filled boxes in the slots already. I'm getting to those in the next section of the guide.

Thanks for reading! Hope it helps.

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DSI Guide: Main Menu
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