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 DSI Guide: Starting Up

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PostSubject: DSI Guide: Starting Up   Tue Apr 14, 2009 11:52 am

Very Happy Congratulations! Very Happy
If you are looking at this topic, you are thinking of getting a DSI, or, you just got one! Wait! Don't open that package yet!...Well, ok, open the package. (You probably already did, didn't you?)

Let's begin!

Exclamation *It's very important to not turn on the DSi yet* Exclamation
Take out the DSi and the gray charger carefully. Plug in the charger and attach it to the DSi, *which must be turned off*. Allow it to charge for at least 1/2 an hour.
Now, you may be thinking..."WHAT!?! Why???"

Well, this process is very important, even though it may seem annoying. If you've already turned it on, you could notice that the battery is only partly full, and it drains in minutes. Not only that, but for the future times you play on your game, the battery will not run as long as it could! You can only charge it 500 times, and before or after that point (if it still works after 500 that is) it may not function properly. But don't get frightened! Don't charge the battery too often. Run it until it's about to die. This will make you and your battery very happy.

Exclamation Note: Notice the glowing orange light on the left side of the DSI. IF it is glowing, it is charging. If it is not, you must check the cord is properly plugged in. If it is, you have completed charging! Very Happy

Great! But while it's charging, let's look over some rules and hints.
Exclamation To Avoid Seizures or Blackouts that may occur due to gameplay, do not play while you are tired, play in a well-lit room, and take a bit of a break every hour or so. Sleep
Exclamation Do not grip the stylus tightly, or play when doing so causes any discomfort or fatigue.
Exclamation Do not rap on the screens too hard, use a light amount of pressure.
Exclamation DON'T dissassemble the DSi and/or ESPECIALLY NOT the battery.
Exclamation If you have any implanted medical device, such as a pacemaker, keep the DSi at least 9 inches away. The DSi can affect the operations of several electronics. Observe and follow all regulations regarding usage of wireless devices (because this IS one), especially in hospitals, airports, and aboard aircraft.

Note: The DSi allows you to disable wireless communications, without turning off the system. Select System Settings from the Nintendo DSi Menu, then select WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS and Off to disable it.

Now that the charging is complete (orange light is no longer glowing) open the DSI and press the power button left of the screen. Now, it should ask you to submit:
*accurate time and date
*Username (Nickname)
*Personal Message
After you've completed submitting data, it will show you how to use some of the implanted features. Two of these include the recording studio (Channel with a parakeet/parrot on it) and the camera (One with the camera on it Cool ) If you click on one, you will be introduced with some of the basics of using the software.
Exclamation Details on the channels are continued in a following section. Exclamation
Default 'Channels' should include:
*Settings Like a Star @ heaven
*Camera Like a Star @ heaven
*Recording Like a Star @ heaven
*DSI Shop Arrow

Arrow Requires Internet connection

*Still working on the page-it's not Great, and it's not finished! I don't own Nintendo, or the DSI. Most information may be obtained from the Operations Manual*[b]
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PostSubject: Re: DSI Guide: Starting Up   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:20 pm

here is the website for the DSi

please say you agree to the rules before posting here is a link to the rules:
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DSI Guide: Starting Up
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