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 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (pg.2)

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PostSubject: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (pg.2)   Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:58 pm

Cheat: Funhouse Theme

Cheat: Super-Punch
During gameplay, press UP, LEFT, X, TRIANGLE, R1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L2. A message will confirm code entry. This will allow you to launch people when you punch them and finish them with a one hit kill.

Cheat: Recruit Pedestrians to Gang
Press DOWN, SQUARE, UP, R2, R2, UP, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP. A message will confirm code entry. You should be able to take anyone into your gang like pedestrians and rival gangs.

Cheat: Sandstorm
To make a sandstorm enter UP,DOWN,L1,L1,L2,L2,L1,L2,R1,R2

Cheat List

Chaos Mode: L2, RIGHT, L1, TRAINGLE, RIGHT, RIGHT, R1, L1, RIGHT, L1, L1, L1
Spawn Hunter: CIRCLE, X, L1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, CIRCLE, R1 R2, L2, L1, L1
Spawn Tanker: R1, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, R2, UP, RIGHT, SQUARE, RIGHT, L2, L1, L1
All cars have Nitros: LEFT, TRIANGLE, R1, L1, UP, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, DOWN, CIRCLE, L2, L1, L1
Maximum Vehicle Stats: SQUARE, L2, X, R1, L2, L2, LEFT, R1, RIGHT, L1, L1, L1
Hitman in all weapons: DOWN, SQUARE, X, LEFT, R1, R2, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, L1, L1, L1
Maximum Respect: L1, R1, TRIANGLE, DOWN, R2, X, L1, UP, L2, L2, L1, L1
Traffic is country vehicles (minus hillbilly gear): TRIANGLE, LEFT, SQUARE, R2, UP, L2, DOWN, L1, X, L1, L1, L1
Cloudy Weather: L2, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, SQUARE, LEFT, R2, SQUARE, X, R1, L1, L1
Peds Attack (guns): X, L1, UP, SQUARE, DOWN, X, L2, TRIANGLE, DOWN, R1, L1, L1
All traffic is crap cars: L2, RIGHT, L1, UP, X, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L1, L1
Infinite Ammo: L1, R1, SQUARE, R1, LEFT, R2, R1, LEFT, SQUARE, DOWN, L1, L1

Cheat: Night
During gameplay, enter R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, TRIANGLE.

Cheat; Insane Handling
During gameplay enter TRIANGLE, R1, R1, LEFT, R1, L1, R2, L1.

Cheat: All Traffic is Junk Cars
Enter L2, RIGHT, L1, UP, X, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L1, L1.

Unlockable: Dating Rewards
Medic Outfit: 100% with Katie Zhan
Pimp Outfit: 100% with Denise Robinson
Racing Outfit: 100% with Michelle
Police Outfit: 100% with Barbara
Keep weapon after getting busted: Date Barbara
Keep weapon after getting wasted: Date Katie

Unlockable: Secret Vehicles
Unlock some new rides in GTA: San Andreas by following these directions:
BF Injection: Get First place at the Dirt ring race Las Venturas Stadium.
Super GT: Get all Bronze medal in Driving school.
Dune Buggy: Beat the score of 25 at the Dirt Ring.
Hotknife: Get all gold medals in the Driving school.
Jet Pack: Complete the Airstip asset near Las Venturas.
NRG 500: Get all gold medals in Bike School. This bike can be found quite easily in a car park near the Johnson house.
Rustler: Get all Bronze medal in pilot school.
Freeway: Get all Bronze awards in Bike School.
Hotring racer: Get First place in 8-Track.
Monster Truck: Win it by beatin the 8-Track Tournament.
Stunt plane: Get all silver medals at the pilot school.

Unlockable: Date for Cars
Get the relationship to 50%

Bandito: Date Helena
Club: Date Millie
Green hustler: Date Denise
Monster Truck: Date Michelle
Ranger: Date Barbara
Romero: Date Katie

Hint: Play Basketball
Head to the left of Sweet's house (and go into the back yard) in your neighborhood to find a basketball court. Pick up the ball and follow the onscreen instructions to play some hoop.

Hint: Easy Firearms
Head out behind your house in Los Santos and go down into the aqueduct. Go down the slope and head right along the walkway to locate a nice Mini SMG. You'll also find a pistol in Sweet's backyard.

Hint: Easy Body Armor
Go out behind the house and into the aqueduct to the left. Go down the sloped wall of the aqueduct and head left. On an incline underneath the bridge, you'll find a handy vest.

Hint: Easy Money for Cleaning the Hood
Anytime you kill a drug dealer, you will net $2000. Drug dealers normally wear black jackets (some have white hoodies) and stand still waiting for people to talk to them. Kill as many as you can find to build up your cash stash quickly.

Hint: Snapshots
At 12:01 AM in San Fierro all of the snapshot areas glow.

Hint: GTA3
In the mission "Wu Zi Mu," your "girlfriend" will start to attack you and leave you for the character you play as in GTA3. The mission has you racing against him and 2 others. After the race they leave for Liberty city.

Hint: Secret Weapon
To find a unique weapon, head to the Police Department in Los Santos (or just get "Busted"). Enter the building and walk to the shower room. You'll find a sex toy that can be used as a melee weapon.

Hint: Quick Hood Defence
While playing the game, your hood will undergo attacks from other factions. To save yourself some time and end these disaster quickly, simply jack any vehice in which you can access extra missions using R3 (i.e., police vehicles, fire vehicles, taxicabs, ambulance, et al.). Start and end the extra mission (press R3 and exit the vehicle) and your hood will no longer undergo attack.

Hint: Super Bunny Hop
Grab a bicycle (this works better if your bike skills are all the way up) make sure you have a weapon you can fire on your bike, hold down L1, right. As you release L1 to bunny hop fire your gun (your timing must be perfect but it gets easier), if your bike skills are high you will be able to clear stop lights and get on top of sum buildings easily! This comes in handy!

Hint - 2P Select-A-Drive-By-Shooting
During co-op, you can use the weapon codes to alter the weapon used for drive-bys. Once you have a "normal" drive-by weapon, expend all the ammo and select a different weapon (rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and grenades are invalid).

Board a vehicle with the selected weapon and input any weapon cheat again (refills ammo). The weapon you selected will now be usable for drive-by mode.

Glitch: Zap The Hood
When attempting a take over of a hood, exploit the game by looking for a nearby body of water deep enough for CJ to actually swim in.

Get into the water then swim back out and a message will apear claiming that the hood is yours.

Easter Egg: No Easter Egg
Fly up to the southern support beam of the Gant Bridge with the jet pack for a special message.

Easter Egg: Hoodlum Noteriety
When you finish some missions (for example: 555 we tip) listen to the radio. You'll hear the person talking about the mission just passed.

Easter Egg: Rockstar Cameos
In one of Zero's mission, where you have to use the machine gun to knock down the RC planes, you can see some action figures of Rockstar characters like Tommy Vercetti, Lance Vance, as well as characters from other games in Rockstar's line-up during Zero's dialogue.

Hint: Bullet Proof Cars
During the mission "High Stakes, Low Rider", keep the competition closely behind you until the pier finish line. Once the race is over the other cars appear behind you.

With another car or by just walking, push Ceasar's red car up the pier and over the edge of the sidewalk into your nearby safe house garage to the left. What's the point of all this? Not only is it a pimp red car, it's also BULLET PROOF, which helps alot this early in the game.

Easter Egg: Inside-Out-Town
Note: This will corrupt your save file due to the cheat involved; for best results, pull out your PS2 memory card prior to your attempt.
Go to the gym in Ganton
Kill all 4 people inside.
Use the jetpack cheat.
Walk to the yellow marker with the jetpack, and fly straight up. You'll go straight up through the roof. Now, land on the roof.
Fly 2 blocks east, and you'll see a yellow marker. Land right on/near the marker, take off the jetpack, and walk inside the marker.
You'll enter the Angel Pine Motel building. Grab your jetpack (if you see it), or respawn it again with a cheat.
You can now fly up, and around the interior universe
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (pg.2)
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