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 Animal Crossing DS: Wild World Cheats/Hints/Unlocks

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PostSubject: Animal Crossing DS: Wild World Cheats/Hints/Unlocks   Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:40 pm

Exclamation Some of most of this content has been copied from
Golden Tools

Golden Fishing Rod
Catch every type of fish once.
Golden Bug Net
Catch every type of bug once.
Golden Slingshot
Shoot 15 items out of the sky, then you get it if you shoot it down.
Golden Shovel
Bury a regular shovel in the ground, and then dig it up a full day later. It will then be golden.
Golden Watering Can
Keep the environment perfect for 16 days in a row. That means no weeds! Pelly or Phyllis will reward you with the golden can.
Golden Axe
Trade a scallop seashell to Pascal for the golden axe.

Nook Store Upgrades
Spend or sell the said amount of money at nooks store and he will remodel and make the store larger.
Nook 'n' Go (lvl 2) Spend 25000 bells
Nookway (lvl 3) Spend 90000 bells. A hairstylist will be available.
Nookingtons (final upgrade) Spend 240000 bells and have a friend shop at the store. A second floor is added.

Post Office Savings Account Rewards
Box of Tissues Save 1,000,000 bells.
Piggy Bank Save 10,000,000 bells.
Pelly's Pic Save 100,000,000 bells.
Phyllis's Pic Save 500,000,000 bells.
Town Hall Model Save 999,999,999 bells (wow)

Donating to Boondox
Boondox is apperantly a town that's so poor they eat you're suppossed to help them out. Give them enough and you'll reap the rewards...may not be worth all the bells, but it's for a good cause...right? Wait...did I just see the mayor buy a widescreen TV?!

Green Feather Donate 10,000 Bells
Blue Feather Donate 200,000 Bells
Yellow Feather Donate 500,000 Bells
Red Feather Donate 800,000 Bells
Purple Feather Donate 1,100,000 Bells
White Feather Donate 1,400,000 Bells
Rainbow Feather Donate 6,400,000 Bells...

There are certain trophies that can be obtained only after you've done well in certain community activities. The Fishing Tourney takes place on every third Sunday of January, March, May, November and December, from 12-6PM. The Bug-Off takes place every third Sunday of June-September, from 12-6PM. The Flower Fest takes place on the second week of April. Do well in these competitions to win these rare items.

The Fish Trophy
Catch the biggest fish in The Fishing Tourney
The Bug Trophy
Catch the biggest bug during The Bug-Off
The Flower Trophy
Create the best garden during The Flower Fest
Idea Try to steal your neighbor's flowers! They'll never know.

PTM Rewards
When you buy things at Nook's shop, your PTM point total goes up. When you reach a specific point total, it will result in a new level of membership. Later Nook will send you a letter with a present congratulating you on reaching the new status. Yeah right-like you'll keep it.

Nook's Cranny Model
Reach Membership Status (300 Points)
Nookington's Model
20% Store Discount Earn 20,000 Store Points
Nookway Model
10% Store Discount Earn 10,000 Store Points
Nook' n Go Model
5% Store Discount Earn 5,000 Store Points
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Animal Crossing DS: Wild World Cheats/Hints/Unlocks
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