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 Warhawk: Tips, Tricks and Hints

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Lt. Yosef S.

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PostSubject: Warhawk: Tips, Tricks and Hints   Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:06 pm

Weapon Damage: Infantry
Combat Blade:(Instant Troop Kill)
Flame Thrower:120 (5 Armor Piercing)
Pistol:12 (.5 Armor Piercing)
Proximity Mine:290 (3 Armor Piercing)
Automatic Rifle:5 (1.8 Armor Piercing)
Frag Grenade:150 (2.5 Armor Piercing)
Binoculars:400 (5 Armor Piercing)
Rocket Launcher:150 (3 Armor Piercing)
Sniper Rifle:150 (1.8 Armor Piercing)

Weapon Damage: Vehicular (Ground Based)
4x4 Machine Gun:7 (3 Armor Piercing)
Medium Tank Shell:290 (2.6 Armor Piercing)
50. Caliber Fixed HMG Turret:7 (3 Armor Piercing)
Flak Turret: 15 (2 Armor Piercing)
Missile Turret:150 (5 Armor Piercing)

Weapon Damage: Warhawk/Nemesis Armanent
AAM Proximity-Fused Aerial Mine:300 (5 Armor Piercing)
CB-4 Combined Effect Cluster Munition X25:40 (4 Armor Piercing)
AA-19 Long Range Active Radar Homing Missile:200 (4 Armor Piercing)
AAS-21 Fast-Tracking Active Radar Swarm Missile System:40 (5 Armor Piercing)
AS-3 TOW Missile System:400 (5 Armor Piercing)
XK-2 Directed Energy Weapon - Charge:150 (5 Armor Piercing)
XK-2 Directed Energy Weapon - Zap:30 (5 Armor Piercing)
Warhawk/Nemesis MG:3 (3 Armor Piercing)
Series-7 Stealth Avionics Package: None
PRCM/D Chaff Dispenser:10 (.2 Armor Piercing)

Weapon Damage: Addon Material
KT-424 Dropship Laser-Phalynx Guns:20 (3 Armor Piercing)
KT-424 Dropship Swarm Missile Turret:40 (5 Armor Piercing)
Armored Personnel Carrier Type-68 Shield Dispenser: None

This Concludes The Warhawk Weapon Section (All material supplied by Official BRADYGAMES Warhawk Guide and Game Testing Sites)

Last edited by Lt. Yosef S. on Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:32 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : I wasn't done with it yet.)
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Warhawk: Tips, Tricks and Hints
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