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 gears of war: act one- chapter one

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: gears of war: act one- chapter one   Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:37 am

After the cinematics are done, you can choose to train the rookie (teaches you
the basics of the game) or you can skip it. If you skip it, you will miss two
collectibles and an achievement, so I suggest you do it anyways. If you choose
to skip it, it skips all of Chapter 1 and goes to where Chapter 2 starts.

Once you gain control of Marcus start to head down the path, most of this
chapter is just about explaining how to play the game, so don't really worry
about any enemies or anything. Once you get to the end of this first path
there will be a fence that Jack will start to cut open. Just before this fence
on the ground is a stack of Newspapers, this will be your first collectible.

Now once the fence is opened, head through the opening and head forward until
Dom shoots the bottle (takes enough bullets to do so) and then shoot the 5
bottles yourself. Then the rook will move a dumpster, then make your way
around the dumpster. Continue forward and you will spot some wretches and then
continue on your way. Mantle over the blockade and head around the corner and
kick the fence open.

Continue forward and grab some grenades and head up to where Dom is. You'll
need to toss a grenade into the building when prompted, after the rook throws
one revive both the rook and Dom and continue forward and break through the
planks using your lancer and continue up. Grab the ammo up here and then
continue forward and take the ladder down.

Now go to your right, not the left, and into the small garage-like building.
In here is the second collectible, grab it and then head back and down the
other way.

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: act 1- chapter 2   Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:38 am

Once the chapter starts, listen to the conversation and once the door
activates, head through it. In this next room you'll meet Tai, after the scene
continue on following where Tai goes. Continue and you will come to a room
where you are on the second floor, take cover and hide and wait til' they give
you the signal to shoot, then shoot at the explosive tanks to make them
explode and kill the locusts.

After you've killed them, head to the side that Dom and Tai went, in one of
the rooms will be a collectible. Grab it and continue down the hall and into
the next large room, take cover and take out the locust as they come from
below, then proceed to your left and a few will come from up top. Kill them
and collect on of the Hammershot Assault Rifles. Grab some ammo on the lower
level and head back up and into the hall ahead (Dom and Tai will go down the
hall down below).

Continue down this hall and two more locust will come, let the king raven kill
them and then continue down the hall into the next room. In this room will be
two locusts, kill them and continue forward and there will be another in the
next hall. Kill it, collect ammo, and continue forward down the stairs. In
this room will be two locusts, kill them and meet back up with Dom and Tai.
Grab any ammo and the collectible in between the center desk and then head

There will be a few locusts out here, kill them and then continue across into
the next building. Head down the hall, grab the ammo box and then continue
into the next big room where two locusts will be. Kill them and continue on
into the next hallway, go to either the right or left and into the cafeteria
to face three locusts, kill them and then go into the door on the left (don't
proceed forward into the next room.)

In this hall is a room that contains a collectible, grab it and there is also
a freezer room that you can go into (have to kick the door in) for some ammo.
Continue into the next room past the cafeteria. In here a King Raven will
crash into the room and then a few locusts will attack you from the second
floor. Kill them and head up there and into the next room.

In here go to the right and there is a collectible at the end of the walkway,
grab it and head down, once you get down some locusts will burst in from one
door and then a few more from another door. Kill them all and then grab the
ammo in the area, there is some ammo in the room that the locusts first came
from. Then continue on outside and meet up with the rook.

Once outside, kill the attacking locusts and after it is clear, just outside
the door you came from, go to the right and in the corner will be a COG Tag.
Grab it and continue down. You'll be attacked by some more locusts, continue
and go into the the store to flank them. After you kill them all, continue on
and collect any dropped ammo. Continue forward a bit more and some more
locusts will attack, after you kill them it will go to a cutscene.

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: act 1-chapter 3   Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:39 am

As the chapter starts out, turn around and on the wall of the Assault Derrick
by the ladder will be a poster, this is a collectible, grab it and then sit
back for a minute as the scene progresses. After it progresses far enough you
will start to get attacked by nemacysts, get on the troika turret and shoot
them down. If the turret gets close to overheating, cool it down quickly by
holding RB. Continue to shoot them down until you start to get attacked by

One will pull up on you to your left, quickly shoot down the two locusts on it
and then shoot it down. Your in the clear for a minute or two now, after the
scene you will get off the assault derrick to provide cover while Dizzy fixes
it. To the left, by the flipped jeep, will be some ammo, grenades, and the
second collectible. Grab them and then quickly fight off the drones coming
from the e-hole.

Another e-hole will emerge, continue to kill the drones as they come and then
some drones will flank you to the right, kill them off and then continue
fighting anymore that show up until Dizzy tells you that the vehicles fixed.
Then quickly run to the ladder of the vehicle to continue on to the next

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: act 1 chapter 4   Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:41 am

Immediately at the start of the chapter get on the troika turret and stay on
it. Shoot any drones you see on the ground asap, then the assault derrick will
pull up on your right, it's been hijacked by drones, so kill any that are on
there or that come on there. Eventually some will jump on your vehicle, you
may need to get of the turret for a second to kill any, but Dom should handle
them just fine.

Continue fighting the drones on the other vehicle until you come to a point
where Dizzy points out that there is a single lane bridge coming up. He will
then ram the other assault derrick, busting open the window protecting the
driver, quickly shoot the driver and you will drive them off the cliff and
continue across the bridge.

Once across you will fight some brumaks, aim for the big gun first to destroy
that, then aim for their heads to kill them. You will continue on,
encountering a couple more brumaks, some more drones, and a corpser (though
don't worry about the corpser, it wont do anything.)

After the corpser you'll encounter another brumak, kill it and this will
finish out chapter 4.

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: act 1 chapter 5   Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:46 am

The enemies you saw destroy the other assault derrick are tickers, basically
they are suicide bombers, they run up to you, light up their packs and then
explode. You can easily kill them with gnasher shotgun, or if you want a
little more fun, you can melee them with it and then shoot their dead body to
use as an explosive. Once the chapter starts, head into the building on the

Mantle over the counter and go upstairs for the first collectible. Grab it and
head down and through the building to encounter some tickers. Kill them and
head outside to finish off any more out here. Then head through the hole in
the fence and head around the building. Use the lancer to cut through the
boards and head back onto the street to face some more tickers. Dispose of
them and continue forward

At the end of the street, go to your right, on the wall is a collectible, grab
it and then continue to your left. Once you move far enough you will start to
be attacked by some drones further up as well as some nemacysts. Shoot the
nemacysts that are in the air and eventually a king raven will take out the
turret. Then move up and finish up the drones up here.

After you kill the drones, the assault derrick will take out the turret to
your left. Now that the area is clear, collect any ammo and go inside the gas
station. In a room in here is a collectible and some ammo, grab everything and
then continue through the hole in the fence.

Continue down the road and into the tunnel, once you go in far enough Dizzy
will turn on the assaul derrick's light. Continue forward and you will face a
wave of tickers. Kill them and continue forward and you will face some more
and then you will come to a roadblock and there is a room to the left. There
will also be a door at the base of the steps, go in here first and grab the
COG tag, then continue into the next room.

Head to the end of this room and you will encounter some more tickers, kill
them and then continue out of this room and once Dizzy pulls up, continue to
advance and face some more tickers. Continue to advance and once you get to
the end of the tunnel take cover behind the last car because you will have to
fight a reaver. Kill the drone on it and then kill the reaver itself.

Once dead, continue on outside and you will face some mortars. Either option
makes no difference, in all honesty, going into the hotel is less work. If you
choose the rooftops, you'll face a few enemies, then have to climb to the
roof, kill the drone with the mortar, then use the mortar to bust open the
roof for Dom. To fire the mortar, press and hold LT to plant it, then hold RT
to give it some distance, max distance or just short of that should work. Then
continue down and Jack will open the door for you.

Continue in and kill the few drones out here, then grab the ammo and mortar
gun out here and then you will call Dizzy. Just after this a brumak will come
from the tunnel. Kill it using the mortar gun and then advance to chapter 6.

If you chose to go through the hotel, just clear the first few drones at top
of the roof, Dom will bust open the roof with the mortar gun, then head into
the next room, kill the few drones in here and then head out to the right and
kill the few drones here. Grab the mortar gun and kill the brumak when it
shows up and then go to chapter 6.

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: act 1 chapter 6   Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:48 am

This chapter is straight forward, just fight. You'll first faces a bunch of
drones. Quickly kill them off and a few mortar drones will come out, kill them
off and then some boomers will come. Once you kill them, two reavers will come
and once they are dead you are done. This chapter is super short and easy,
especially if you still had the mortar in hand from the previous chapter, you
can use that mortar gun and the one on the vehicle to make easy work of the

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PostSubject: Re: gears of war: act one- chapter one   

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gears of war: act one- chapter one
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