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 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Unlocks, Easter Eggs, Hints

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PostSubject: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Unlocks, Easter Eggs, Hints   Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:12 am


LOZ's Ocarina of Time, or OOT, is one of the best games of all time. On several websites, like Gamespot, it is given a solid ten. Even with the limitations of the console it was designed on, it still gives a player a better time than several games of today. Here are some helpful points!


Skulltula Unlocks
To get these unlockable items, you must kill the number of Skulltulas Spiders that is required. After you kill the skulltulas spiders, collect the tokens and then go to the Skulltula House in Kakariko Village to get your reward.

Adult Wallet
10 Skulltula Tokens
Stone of Agony
20 Skulltula Tokens
Giant's Wallet
30 Skulltula Tokens
40 Skulltula Tokens
Piece of Heart
50 Skulltula Tokens
Huge Rupee Exclamation Unlimited! Go back anytime you'd like for more cash!
100 Skulltula Tokens

Elemental Arrows

Light Arrow
Beat all the temples, then talk to Sheik
*This is key to defeating Ganondorf in the last sequence (without cheating, etc.)
Ice Arrow
Complete the Gerudo Training Ground
Fire Arrow
Shoot the sun after the Water Temple

Get a cow inside your tree house

Get a cow in your treehouse in the Kokiri Forest! After beating the race at Lon Lon ranch for Epona, race again and get the best time (49 seconds or below). Malon will say she has sent a prize to your house. Go there and you'll find a cow!

Travel Hyrule Fields Safely
Are you getting annoyed at the stalchilds that pop out of the ground at night when you're walking around in the Hyrule Fields? Ever tried camouflaging yourself as local wildlife? For example, try putting on the rabbit mask you get at the mask shop and you will be able to run around freely without the annoying undead attackers.
Exclamation Note: You need to be young Link to wear masks.

Secret of Butterflies
Those little butterflies about Hyrule hide a secret! As young Link, take out a stick and find some butterflies. Slowly follow them until one touches the stick -- which, tadaaa: turns it into a red fairy. Use a bottle to catch it or touch it to be healed instantly!

Link and the Gossip Stone
Low on energy? Find a Gossip Stone (the cycloptic rocks that giggle when you hit them) and play one of the following three songs next to it:
Zelda's Lullaby, Epona's Song, or Song of Storms.
Either touch the red fairy that flies out to fill up your energy or catch it in a bottle so that it can revive you if you die.

Fun Stuff!
Mad Soldier
In Hyrule Castle's courtyard (the one with the pictures) There's a soldier that's there taht isn't hesistant to get revenge... Go to the window opposite of the window with pictures. Use your slingshot and shoot in the window. A soldier will peek out, say something, and throw a bomb at you.

Fun with the Fisherman's Hat
As adult Link, you can hook the fisherman's hat. Just aim at him, then cast. It may take a few tries to find the right place. You'll see that he has gone bald! When you have the hat, cast it into the pond. If you cast enough, the hat will come off the hook and sink. The fisherman will charge you 50 rupees for a replacement-but he never gets one. The fisherman will remain without a hat for the rest of the game.

End Song
At the VERY end of the game, after the entire ending, when it says "The End" and freezes the frame; if you leave it on for awhile, it'll start playing the song you made up for the scarecrow. Wait another minute or so and it'll play it again in a different octave or different instrument. It does this about 4-6 times and then stops. Don't you feel special?

Barbecued Link
Play through your game as normal until Ganon, the final boss. After you have knocked Ganon down the first time, retreive the master sword. Get the master sword from Zelda but instead of going back to face Ganon, go the opposite way and move away from Ganon. There should be a piece of land that is near Zelda which juts away from the floating arena. Move back in it until you hit an invisible wall. Turn around in place until you are facing Ganon and equip your bow and arrow. Aim carefully and fire an arrow at Ganon's tail. If the trick worked Ganon should get up and Link should be engulfed in flames!

Idea Notice any information here that isn't true? Please point them out by replying to the topic ASAP! It would be greatly appreciated.
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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Unlocks, Easter Eggs, Hints
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