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 Ways to become admin/mod: Web-cop

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PostSubject: Ways to become admin/mod: Web-cop   Fri Apr 24, 2009 4:47 pm

Web-cop, future-admin, whatever you want to call it, this is a 'guide' that will land you the job. Actually, not only is it going to score you karma-points, but it's also your duty as a member of the site to apprehend all...uh...bad things that happen on the site.

It's not a hard job, not at all. Here's what you do.

Catch a Rule-Breaker
Did THAT guy just say?:
Like a Star @ heaven A Bad Word? *Gasp*
Or did that guy just break a rule of the website!?
As you may notice, using explicit language anywhere on the site is prohibited. Sometimes there can be points in time where we admins and mods can't be here to help.
This is where YOU come in. Very Happy
Now, in catching the criminal, sometimes certain people on the site require different methods. So without further ado, let's begin on the first category!!

This rule-breaker is not exactly a friend or an enemy of yours, and is a normal member of the site. This tends to be the easiest type of person to expel from the site.
Here's what you can do, should do, what Chuck Norris would do (scratch that. Chuck Norris would deliver a roundhouse kick to the offender's face. Don't try that at home kids!)
Like a Star @ heaven Print as much evidence ASAP.
Like a Star @ heaven Report the person to a moderator or an admin through PM or other methods that others cannot see. It's just like reporting to the teacher loudly that your partner broke a rule. You wouldn't do that would ya? You would go up to the teacher and quietly tell her right? It's like that. Except we don't get an apple on our desks.
Like a Star @ heaven Simply wait.

If the person is found to be guilty of the crime, he/she will be apprehended and given the proper punishment. Twisted Evil

Idea Tips Idea
Like a Star @ heaven Don't go overboard.
No one likes a tattletale. The admins and mods may not take your reports into consideration anymore. Be thoughtful in what is really worth reporting.
Like a Star @ heaven Reporting and tattletaling are very different.

This person is close to you, knows you well on the site and maybe at school/real life. You notice that they break a rule. This is not an uncommon situation, and it is a tricky one as well. Here's what you can do.
Like a Star @ heaven Point out to your friend *casually* that that is againist the rules.
Like a Star @ heaven If they do it again, remind them once more. If they continue, however, do not be hesistant to quietly tell the mods or the admins.
Like a Star @ heaven If they are involved in a breaking a serious rule, such as illegal activity, report immediatly.

Admin or Mod?!
These types should know the rules, heck, some of them MADE the rules. So what do you do when these guys break a rule?
Like a Star @ heaven Admins and Mods tend to have less restrictions. If they use a cuss word once, don't go berserk. However, when you see a mod or an admin totally abusing the rules, or if they break a major rule, this is when you take action.
Like a Star @ heaven Remember to collect proof and data of when they abused a rule.
Like a Star @ heaven Report their behavior QUIETLY to an administrator.
Idea Try to talk to an admin in person, instead of reportting on the computer.
Idea Have someone else back you up in your statement! The case becomes big. You desperately need a witness. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters

Exclamation Know that turning in a report can be totally anomymous. Your name can be hidden at request.

Follow these rules-and you may find yourself an mod...and maybe after a admin.
Thanks for reading.

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PostSubject: Re: Ways to become admin/mod: Web-cop   Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:48 am

very good guide Aspen
guys if you follow this i will more than likely promote you
remember im the only one who can promote

please say you agree to the rules before posting here is a link to the rules:
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Ways to become admin/mod: Web-cop
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