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 gears of war- act 2 chapter 1

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: gears of war- act 2 chapter 1   Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:50 am

As the chapter starts, you and Dom will split up to try to locate Carmine
faster. Turn around and climb the ladder, there is nothing on the path at all,
just follow it til' it forks and go left at the fork, follow this path all the
way to the end to meet up with Carmine, who is being attacked by drones. Break
through the vines and into the room and kill off the drones and then group up
with Carmine. There should be some ammo around where Carmine is, along with
some grenades.

After the scene you will encounter quite a few drones and some tickers, kill
everything off and once Jack finishes fixing the Grindlift the enemies should
stop coming. Collect any ammo, I highly suggest to get the Hammerburst here
for the next area, then use the Grindlift to break down the wall. Once you
make it to the other side, go to your right to the ledge. This is where the
Hammerburst comes in handy, you face quite a lot of enemies here and being on
the ledge with the ability to zoom makes things easier.

If you want you can also go all the way down and face them from here, you have
cover, but you don't have a better advantage on them. The only downside to
sitting at the top of the ridge is if you get wounded, Dom or Carmine wont be
able to save you, so try to be safe when shooting from up here. After
everything is dead, collect the ammo and continue forward.

After you go far enough the ceiling will crash in behind you and you can't go
back, so go to your left and you will encounter some wretches. continue down
the path and cut through the vines to go into the next room.

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: act 2 chapter 2   Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:51 am

As the chapter starts you encounter a new enemy, though they aren't dangerous
(unless you walk into their head, they will kill you). They can be used as a
mobile defense since they act as a wall and if you shoot the glowing fruit
they will move to it, providing you cover as you move. After you are done with
the rockworm, go to your left down the path that leads around, as you are
going down this path, on your left will be some vines. Cut them down to get
the first collectible and some ammo, then continue on your way.

As you continue forward you will come to a fork, go either right or left, the
left gives you higher ground which is a bit of an advantage versus the
upcoming drones, the right gives you a chance to use the rockworm as cover.
Either way, continue on the path and you will encounter some drones, one of
them on a troika turret, kill them all and continue, grab their ammo and go up
the ladder.

Up here you will encounter two tickers from the right, kill them, then you can
go to your left to grab some more ammo, then head down the way the tickers
came from. As you continue forward you will see a rockworm, shoot the hanging
fruit down so it can be used as cover and a grub hole will emerge with a few
drones. Close it with a grenade and kill the drones and continue forward. Once
you get around the corner you will encounter a sniper and some more from a
distance. Grab a Longshot Sniper Rifle and take care of all the snipers.

Once they are dead, continue forward down the path and a rockworm will emerge,
though, on the Normal difficulty it was of no use (I assume on Hardcore or
Insane, to the right there is a Troika Turret, so there might be locust there
on harder difficulties and the rockworm is used for cover.) Over by the turret
will be a an explosive container (your thing should pop up when you get far
enough showing you where it is) shoot it and then continue forward. You can
choose to go right or left, either way sort of puts you in the same spot.

You will head up the path and there will be another Longshot, grab it and pick
off the enemies from a distance for some practice, then continue up. Once you
get to the end and get to the top, you will encounter several drones and two
Troika Turrets. Take out the turrets and then the drones, once everything is
dead a reaver will show up, get on one of the turrets and kill it quickly.
Once it is dead grab some ammo and the second collectible which is in the
back, behind the turrets. After a minute or so, some more enemies will come
from the door, two boomers, some drones, tickers and wretches. Kill them all
using the turret and then proceed through that door.

Follow the path all the way down and after the scene make your way all the way
down and you will encounter some drones. Make short work of them and then pick
up one of the Mortars. Some drones will come from the path below where the
grindlifts landed, take them out to assist the other Gears. Once they are dead
it will go to a scene and after that continue down the path you are on to end
the chapter.

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: act 2 chapter 3   Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:51 am

As the chapter starts follow this path until you come to the end, which will
put you at the bottom of some steps that lead to some temple thing. After the
scene a few drones and a kantus will emerge. Take out the kantus first, these
guys are annoying and can rally injured locust back into the fight from afar.
After you kill the kantus and drones another kantus and some wretches will
come from the door just in front of you. Kill them off and then head into the

As soon as you enter the building, look to your right for some ammo and a
collectible. Grab these and continue forward until you come a to the end of
the path and get to choose from the right or left path. The left path will
put you up top to do some sniping and small support for Dom and Ben, after
they take out the two Troika Turrets, the room you are in will have a lever
you can pull to continue into the next room. In here will be two Troika
Turrets, a Kantus, and some drones, and after a minute a Boomer should show

The right path will put you in a little more of harms way, you first have to
take out two Troika Turrets, then pull a lever inside where the turrets are to
open the door to the next room. Here you have to take out another Troika
Turret and then flank another Troika Turret, some drones, and a kantus. After
a minute a boomer will show up, kill it and the rest of the drones and it
should go to a scene rounding out the chapter.

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: act 2 chapter 4   Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:52 am

As the chapter starts, head forward and grab the ammo box and head into the
ruined area. As you progress far enough you will be attacked by some drones
and some bloodmounts. Bloodmounts are mounted drones, the mount attacks as
well if it gets close enough. Take down the mount first then kill the drone
after he falls down. Once you clear this area, progress forward and you will
be attacked by a reaver, kill it and continue on.

After you kill the reaver, move a little backwards and there is a small area
that has some ammo and will give you a good sight at two snipers, kill the
snipers, grab the ammo and there is a collectible just in front of the
overturned car. Grab it and continue down the path just past where the reaver
showed up.

Once you come into the next opening a corpser will bust through the wall and
a bridge will emerge with several drones. Kill them off asap and a reaver will
show up midfight. kill it and continue through the ruined building and then
into the next building.

As you come in a scene will go and after the scene you will get ambushed by a
bunch of drones. Kill them off and stay hidden and after awhile you will get
saved. After the scene is over, go to the left of where you start and there
should be a dead corpse in the same building with a COG Tag by it, grab it and
head out of the building.

Head down the path and into the graveyard, in here you will fight a reaver,
after you kill it keep advancing forward and some drones and a kantus will
come from the bridge. Kill them and head across the bridge, there is some ammo
behind the small concrete block, grab it and follow the tunnel.

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: act 2 chapter 5   Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:53 am

Continue to follow this tunnel and the path after it and you'll come up to
some prison things. Once you get far enough you will hear Baird inside one of
the cells, after the scene continue to follow the path and right around the
next corner on your right just past the box is a collectible. Grab it and
continue down the path.

You will see the beast-barge and once it stops a few drones and a boomer will
get off and attack. Kill them and get on board the beast barge. Once on it a
grinder will come down, quickly kill it, grab the mulcher it drops and use the
elevator it came from. Pull the lever right in front of you and then proceed
to the very top.

On top there will be two drones, kill them and then pull the lever on the
backside to move the beast barge. Once it rams the other beast barge there
will be three drones up top and one on a Troika Turret. Kill them and move
down and open the holding cells. After the scene you will be attacked by a few
drones and a grinder, kill them and get off the barge and follow the path.

Once you go far enough you'll encounter a kantus, a few drones and a few
bloodmounts. Kill everything and continue to follow the path down and you will
encounter another kantus and some tickers. Kill them and proceed forward. This
area is pretty big and can be a bit hectic because there will be a lot of
fighting going on.

Firstly, head forward and take out the drones that show up and then go to your
right. Once over here you'll fight a kantus and some drones and a reaver
should also appear. Kill everything and follow this path around the corner and
straight forward. As you continue forward some more drones will pop out from
various places, kill them as you go but keep progressing forward and to the

Once Dom points out the building saying it would be a safe LZ, head to the
right, follow this path up onto the roof of the building. Once up here you
will have to protect yourself for so long before the King Raven shows up.
Once it does you will board it and it will go to a scene to round out the

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: act 2 chapter 7   Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:55 am

As the chapter starts out, start to head forward and immediately on your left
will be the first collectible. Grab it and continue forward. You will then
come to these large digestive teeth, avoid them because they will kill you
instantly. Run past the first two large ones and continue down the path and
then past the third one. Next will be several teeth in a row, you MUST roadie
run the whole way (don't stop and stand up or you will die.) Once across
continue to follow the path.

Avoid the next set of digestive teeth and keep going forward. Once past the
teeth a small hole will open and some locust will emerge. Kill them and head
forward. After the scene you will have to keep running to avoid the debris
rolling behind you, just after where you start after the scene on the left
will be another COG Tag, grab it and keep running forward.

Keep following the path and avoid running into the grass stuff since it will
damage you, once you get to the wall, shoot it to open it up and then continue
down the path. Once you come to a small wall, saw it open with your Lancer and
continue to the next wall, shoot it with your gun to open. Now follow the path
and you will come to a part where the path will stop, look up and shoot the
car down to make a path and continue and you will encounter another small
wall, quickly saw it open and it will go to a scene.

Here you need to avoid the nozzle things that are spraying, to stop them
temporarily shoot the green part and it will stop for a short second. Also
avoid any large pools of acid since it will damage you as well. At the
beginning there is some ammo down the right path, but that is it, head up the
left path stopping and avoiding the acid nozzles as you go.

Once you get past these, follow the path into a cave-like area. Move quickly
through here or you will die. From the start go straight and take the second
left, and then continue straight forward and you will come to a small wall,
quickly cut through with your lancer to continue.

After the scene head forward down the path and you will come to a small wall
that you can cut through, go through and cut the two arteries to the heart,
one is on the left and one on the right. Then continue down the path to the
right of the heart. As you follow the path you will encounter a few more
locust, quickly kill them and continue on and you will come to another small
wall that you can saw through.

In this room you will come to the second heart, cut the three arteries on the
left and continue through the newly opened path. Continue down this path to
another small wall that you can cut through. In the next room is the last
heart and a few small locust will pop out from the ground as well. This heart
has four arteries, two on the left and two on the right, cut them all and then
watch the scene as Act 2 finishes.

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PostSubject: Re: gears of war- act 2 chapter 1   

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gears of war- act 2 chapter 1
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