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 gears of war- act 5 chapter 1

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Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: gears of war- act 5 chapter 1   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:05 am

This chapter is pretty straight forward, just shoot anything that gets in your
path and avoid any rockets. The controls are simple, the front turret is the
rocket launcher which has unlimited ammo and no reload/cooldown and the back
gun is a Troika Turret (which does need to be cooled down.) To switch quickly
between the two press X, or if you turn far enough with RS it will switch
automatically. To move side to side, move LS left and right, the actual
driving will be done by Cole.

As the chapter starts out shoot any brumaks and any rocket launcher turrets
that you come upon and avoid any rockets that are coming towards you. Once you
get far enough you will come upon some locust fighting some Gears and you will
land. Quickly kill the locust and then to your left a brumak will emerge from
the wall, kill it and it will go to a scene.

After the scene you will be in a tunnel heading for the surface, sit on the
back turret and you will be attacked by the hydra with skorge riding it. Shoot
the turret when you can and when it gets close and opens the mouth, shoot it
in the mouth. Just keep avoiding any rockets and repeat this and then once you
get far enough and do enough damage it will go to a scene.

After the scene you will be outside and will be getting chased by other
reavers. Continue to take these down (they will all come from behind and
rarely get ahead of you) and avoid their gunfire and once you go far enough it
will go to a scene and you will fight the hydra again.

Here the fight is somewhat similar, you mainly aim for the turret and the head
to do the damage, but when it is behind you it will grab you with its arm,
when it does, quickly shoot the arm and after you destroy the arm then shoot
the mouth. After it gets ahead of you shoot it in the head with the cannon
asap and then it will go behind you. Repeat this process once or twice more
and it will die and go to a few scenes, rounding out the first chapter.

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PostSubject: act 5 chapter 2   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:06 am

At the start of the chapter head forward and you will get attacked by a reaver
right away, quickly kill it and then head across and enter the building on the
left. As you head through the door go to your right and there will be some
locust on the landing platform. After awhile a reaver will land, you can shoot
it down, but the King Raven will kill it after awhile.

Now head to your right and then go left down the steps to get the collectible
and some ammo. Grab these and head back up and continue forward and on your
left there will be some more drones. Kill them asap and another reaver will
land, kill it and any remaining drones and then head through the door on your

Continue to follow Colonel Hoffman and then go left up the steps and continue
forward and out the door. There will be some drones down below, as well to the
left of the door you came from will be a Longshot Sniper Rifle, two Mulchers,
and some ammo. As you continue to fight a boomer will come out, after killing
it two reavers will land. Don't waste your ammo on them, the King Raven will
kill them both.

After they are dead continue across the bridge and head to the right up the
stairs following Colonel Hoffman. At the top will be two Troika Turrets, get
on one and kill the reavers as they come, try to shoot them while they are in
the air, a few will land. After you've killed so many, continue to your right
and grab the ammo if you need it.

Continue to follow the hall and Colonel Hoffman. After the door is opened,
head down the path and out here will be a bunch of drones as well as a Mortar
and Mulcher. Before killing the drones, head to the right, past the Mortar and
the steps and down the steps here and grab the COG Tag past the ammo. After
you kill them a few more drones will come, kill them as well and two grinders
will show up. After they are dead, two brumaks will appear. Once you kill them
it will go to a scene and end the chapter.

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Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: act 5 chapter 3   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:08 am

As the chapter starts out you will be in a courtyard, there will be a couple
drones across the way in the building, there will be some snipers up top as
well. Kill them and head forward, a drone and a flamer will come from the
right. Kill them and then head into the building. As you head through the
building you will face a few more drones and a flamer. Kill them and head up
to top and some more drones will be up here. Kill them and head through the

Once you move forward down below will be some drones and a kantus. Move around
the walkway and then a grinder will pop out from the door. Kill the grinder
and head down the stairs and out of the building. Out here there will be
several drones and a Troika Turret. Take out the Troika Turret first and then
kill the drones. Now as you move forward you will get attacked by some
wretches and two maulers, one from each side. After you kill them, two
bloodmounts will come out as well.

Kill them and then head forward and into the building and use the handle to
open the closed gate, and then continue to make your way through the building.
Exit the building and you'll encounter several drones and a grinder. Kill the
grinder and take out the drones. After you kill everything move forward and to
the right of where the grinder was, behind the wall, will be a collectible.
Grab it and then proceed to your left. Here you will have to split up and
either go into the parking garage or stay on the streets.

The parking garage is a bit easier, you more or less provide support. Continue
to kill the drones on the street as you proceed forward and a reaver will come
down. Kill it and keep going forward and kill some more drones. At the end you
will reconnect with Dom and then a grinder will pop up in front of you. Kill
it quickly and proceed forward. Grab the Hammer of Dawn on the ground since it
is propbably one of the best weapons (no ammo, does insane damage, only
limited by availability of satellites.)

Use the Hammer of Dawn to kill of the drones and the mauler here and continue
forward and through the ruined building on the left. Knock down the wall and
then go to the left of the building and in a ruined building next to it will
be a COG Tag. Grab it and continue down this street to end the chapter.

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: act 5 chapter 4   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:08 am

As the chapter starts head down to your left and drop down a floor. There will
be a Longshot Sniper Rifle here, but if you have the Hammer of Dawn it can
still be used so I would keep it. Head toward the crane and you can use it.
Move it all the way to the left, then once Dom gets on move it all the way to
the right and Dom will get off and move to the other crane.

Now kill the drones below and then Dom will knock the crane down so you can
walk across to him. Make your way across and a few more drones will grapple up
from below. Kill them and then head down, start to head forward and a mauler
will come. Kill the mauler and continue forward and then a reaver will come,
kill it and continue forward.

As you round the corner, there will be a flamer and some tickers. Then head
through the hall where the flamer came from and there will be a drone here.
Kill any more tickers that come and head forward. Then several drones will
grapple up. Kill them as they come and after so many the floor will drop out
below you and you will fall to the bottom of the building.

Once at the bottom and after the conversation grab any ammo and kill the
drones and the flamers outside the buildng. Then head out of the building and
at the top-right corner will be the last collectible. Grab it and head down,
as you head down you will see some drones across from you below, kill them and
make your way down.

There will be a tower-like thing here, cut the two cables to make a bridge
to the gap, dont worry about the drones, just run inside it and it will drop
down below. Once you get up, head forward and to the left and kill the kantus
and the drones that show up. Kill them and continue forward into the building,
then outside you will see a brumak and a ton of drones. If you have the Hammer
of Dawn you can rack up a bunch of kills here by killing the drones with it.

After the brumak shoots the building a few times, it will fall down. Now make
your way over a few downed pillars and push the switch for the elevator and
you will get in and it will take you upwards. Once you get out, make your way
around and stick to cover while the brumak shoots at you. Make your way out
and kill the brumak pilot and it will go to a scene and end the chapter.

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: act 5 chapter 5   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:10 am

Ah you get to take the reins of a brumak, how fun. You move using LS, fire the
mounted Troika Turrets on the brumak's arms by using RT and cool them by
holding RB. Press X to fire the multiple rockets. This chapter is extremely
linear. Just follow the path, kill any drones, boomers, grinders, and reavers
you come across.

Once you get far enough, you will have to break through a door, get close
enough and press B to do so and continue on the path. Once you come to a part
where you have to fight a corpser, it is simple just spam B when it attacks
you to win the fight. Then continue forward. Once you get far enough, you will
have to destroy a beast-barge, just shoot it constantly with the missiles and
it should die quickly.

After you make your way to the end you will have to knock down the three
pillars to make an opening for the King Ravens to bring the lightmass bomb in.
Shoot the pillars with your weapons in the same spot constantly to break them
down. In this room there will be a bunch of reavers and seeders. Kill them off
so they don't bother you and continue forward to the next pillar.

Destroy this pillar and continue to your left to go to the last pillar, after
you break it down it will go to a scene. After the scene the boss is easy,
just aim with LT and hold down RT to use the Hammer of Dawn. It will knock
your King Raven a few times, after it does just reaim and fire again. After so
long it will die and it will go to the last scenes and end the game.

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: gears of war- other guides   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:11 am

have fun learning about the weps and vehicles of GoW 2

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2009-04-14

PostSubject: wepon guide   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:12 am

Snub Pistol - This is the standard COG pistol, I tend to prefer this one more
than the Boltok. It does less damage, but carries more ammo
overall and per clip and is a lot faster. Max Ammo - 132 Bullets.

Boltok Pistol - The Locust preffered Pistol. A six shooter pistol, zoom
capabilities and heavy damage, but only holds 6 rounds and is
fairly slow in shooting. Max Ammo - 42 Bullets.

Gorgon Pistol - This weapon can be tricky to master because of the way it
fires, but it does a lot of damage for a pistol. It burst
fires several bullets at once, four times (need to release
and repress RT after a second of the first shot.) Max Ammo
- 544 Bullets.

Lancer Assault Rifle - The bread and butter of Gears of War. Nice gun that
does a decent amount of damage and has the Chainsaw on
it for melee fun. Max Ammo - 550 Bullets.

Hammerburst Assault Rifle - The Locust preferred Assault Rifle. Nice damage,
only drawback is that it isn't automatic, but this
is nice for precision aiming since you can fire
single shots and it zooms in. Max Ammo - 323

Gnasher Shotgun - Standard Shotgun, nice upclose damage, not too great of a
ranged weapon, very useful against wretches and tickers. Max
Ammo - 39 Bullets.

Longshot Sniper Rifle - The sniper rifle of COG, very effective in precision
shooting and does high damage even if the shot is a
torso shot. Very easy to get headshots with and keep
your distance from enemies. Max Ammo - 24 Bullets.

Boomshot Grenade Launcher - Simple as it sounds, a grenade launcher. Long
reload times, but does good damage if you can aim
it properly. Max Ammo - 8 Grenades.

Torque Bow - This is probably my favorite weapon in the game. It can kill most
enemies in a single hit if you hit them with it. It fires an
explosive arrow that sticks to what it hits, then blows up. You
need to hold RT longer to make the path of the arrow farther and
straighter. Max Ammo - 12 Arrows.

Scorcher Flamethrower - This weapon is great, but mainly works well with
enemies that have to melee you (i.e. wretches).
Doesn't take much to take down most enemies though, so
still quite effective, especially when blind firing.
Max Ammo - 350 Rounds

Hammer of Dawn - Deals a massive ammount of damage via satellites, but can
only be used in areas that are completely open to the
satellites view. No ammo capacity.

Boomshield* - Though, not necessarily a weapon, this can be picked up on top
of your normal weapons. It works nice when advancing on a lot of
enemies in open areas. It does slow you down, but you can still
roadie run with it. To plant it as cover, hold LT and press A.
To use it for normal cover while moving hold LT.

Mortar* - Great weapon that deals massive area damage. Especially effective
against multiple enemies at a distance. Hold RT longer to make the
shot go further. Max Ammo - 12 Shells.

Mulcher* - This is similar to the Troika Turret, but is only one barrel and
is movable. You can use it almost like a Troika Turret by finding
cover and moving against the cover and pressing LT. It will then
mount on the cover and fire away. Like the Troika Turret, it builds
up heat so you need to dissipate the heat by holding RB.

Troika Turret - Standard Turret found throughout the game, it works very well
in most cases, you need to vent the heat before it overheats,
do this by holding down RB. No ammo capacity.

Frag Grenade - Standard grenade, deals a nice amount of damage to a nice
radius and can close E-holes. Max Ammo - 4 Grenades.

Ink Grenade - Similar to a Smoke Grenade, but puts out a toxic gas. If the
enemy stays in the gas too long they will die. Nice grenade, but
you can only find them so often which is a downside.

Smoke Grenade - Causes a lot of smoke to come out providing cover, also causes
a large knockback effect knocking enemies down.

* - Denotes that item is a Heavy Weapon. It doesn't take a spot of your two
primary weapons, but slows you down. With the exception of the Boomshield, you
can roadie run with it, but your normal speed is slowed down.

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PostSubject: vehicle guide   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:13 am

Assault Derrick - These are the rigs that dig into the earth and shoot down
the Grindlifts down into the Locust areas. Has a turret on
it for defense.

Centaur Tank - The main Tank used by COG, an all-terrain vehicle, quite fast
and its gun is quite effective.

King Raven - The main helicopter that the COG uses for taking down Locust,

Reaver - This is the main form of transportation for the locust, armed with a
rocket launcher and a Troika Turret, it is extremely fast and agile.
Who said that they were only for the locust?

Brumak - The t-rex type animal that the locust use as a tank. Has two side
mounted Troika Turrets to its arms and a multiple rocket launcher on
its head. Pretty slow, but extremely tough. Ever wonder what it would
be like to ride one?

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PostSubject: freind guide   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:13 am

Marcus Fenix - The main character, now a dedicated hero along with Dom, Baird,
and Cole for the lightmass bombing. He now leads the Delta
Squad in staving off the Locust attacks in Jacinto.

Dominic Santiago - A part of the Delta Squad, Marcus' right hand man. He now
tries to spend a lot of his time trying to track down his
wife Maria.

Augustus Cole - A part of the Delta Squad, one of the most enthusiastic
members when it comes to killing Locust. Typically partners
with Baird. He is nicknamed "Cole Train".

Damon Baird - A part of the Delta Squad, an expert when it comes to explosives
and other stuff. Typically partners with Cole.

Jack - The robot that stays with your party through thick an thin. He cuts
through things, repairs things, keeps you in contact with
control...etc. When not being used he will go in and out of camouflage
to stay hidden from enemies.

Ben Carmine - Brother to Anthony Carmine (a character who died in the first
Gears of War game.) He is a rookie to the Delta Squad and Marcus
takes him in to show him the ropes of being a Gear.

Anya Stroud - Anya is your main contact at control. She provides you with
critical mission information as well as provides words of
support and is helping Dom to try and locate his wife.

Colonel Victor Hoffman - Hoffman is the head of Delta squad and has been known
to be quite a tough colonel. He has crossed paths
several times with Marcus, especially since he helped
convict him to prison before Gears of War 1.

Dizzy Wallin - Dizzy is a former stranded who signed onto COG to help to get
his wife and daughters to safety. Now drives an Assault Derrick
he calls "Betty".

Maria Santiago - Dominic's wife, she went to Jacinto with Dom after e-day, but
after Dom's continued increase of service to the COG she
vanished, with no information on where she went or was going.

Tai Kaliso - A new character, he is also a Gear and can easily be recognized
by his tattoos. He is known for surviving some of the craziest
incidents without little more than a scratch.

Chairman Prescott - He is one of the lead politicians who has made choices in
the fight against the locust and works to ensure the
locust are defeated.

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PostSubject: enemy guide   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:16 am

Drones - These are propably the most common enemy you will face. Standard
locust, not really smart and they are pretty weak. Typically use the
Hammerburst Assault Rifle or the Boltok Pistol.

Wretches - These things are small, dog-like things (or if you like the rook's
description, monkey-dogs). They have to melee you to do any damage,
so try to keep your distance and pick them off as they attack, if
they get too close, just melee them.

Tickers - These things can get annoying quick. They are small, quick, and
explosive. They move around and can come out of any small hole, once
the flames on their back start going get your distance because they
will explode. You can melee them with most weapons that have a
normal Melee attack. The lancer doesn't work on them though. If you
kill one and it didn't explode, you can continue to shoot it to
cause it to explode.

Nemacyst - These are shot out by seeders, they act like homing missles and
explode on impact. Easy to kill, but they can move around very

Boomers - These guys are similar to your typical drone, but they are much
larger and use the Boomshot Grenade Launcher.

Grinders - These guys are similar to your typical drone, but they are much
larger and use the Mulcher.

Flamers - These guys are similar to your typical drone, but they are much
larger and use the Scorcher Flamethrower. Can be killed by shooting
the pack on their back.

Maulers - These guys are similar to your typical drone, but they are much
larger and use an exposive flail as well as carry a Boomshield for

Butchers - These guys are similar to your typical drone, but they are much
larger and use a large butcher knife to deal heavy melee damage.

Kantus - These guys are monk-like Locust who can rally injured Locust back
into the fight. They typically use the Gorgon Pistol and Ink

Rockworms - These aren't necessarily enemies, they can kill you or wound you
if you walk into their head, but thats it. They eat glowing fruit
and act as cover, even when moving.

Snipers - These are drones who specialize in sniping. They can be
differentiated by their gear and are usually away from the

Bloodmounts - These are mounts that a drone uses to move quickly through
battle and to attack enemies with their tusk and sharp claws.
If the drone is killed first the bloodmount will go in a rage.

Grenadiers - These are drones equipped with the Gnasher Shotgun and Frag
Grenades. They tend to get more up close in the battle instead
of staying back and hiding.

Sires - These are mutated beings that were being produced at the New Hope
Research Facility. They are similar to slightly larger drones with
tentacles on their back.

Theron Guards - These are like drones, but much more advanced and smart. They
don't react as blindly as drones do and they use the powerful
Torque Bow to kill their opponents.

Palace Guards - These are similar to Theron Guards, but they are stronger and
have a much more versatile weapon arsenal.

Reavers - I would describe these as the locust form of helicopters. Typically
there is a single Boomer on it, take it out and then aim at the head
of the Reaver to kill it.

Brumaks - These are huge T-Rex type things with a huge gun on its back. When
fighting these, aim for the gun first to blow it up, then aim for
the head. This seems to be the most effective way to stop them.

Corpsers - These are extremely large spider-like Locust whos main task is to
create tunnels for the Locust. They use their legs to attack as
well as a shield for their torso, which is their weak spot.

Seeders - These are like artillery cannons. They are usually found far from
the actual battlefield and they spew out nemacyst which then home in
on their enemy.

Leviathan - This is the huge fish thing you fight at the end of chapter 3. It
is something that even the locust avoid. It is large and uses its
large tentacles and mouth to deal damage to unsuspecting boats.

Hydra - This is seen a few times in the game and actually engaged with in Act
5. It is similar to a reaver, but is slightly more beefier and has
more powerful weapons.

Skorge - This is the Locust Queen's bodyguard. Equipped with a polearm with
chainsaws on each end, he is an agile and powerful warrior. Also uses
Ink Grenades and a Gorgon Pistol.

Locust Queen - The queen of the locust, not as locust-looking as you would
expect, she actually looks somewhat human. Knows of Marcus'
father, Adam Fenix and knows much about the human race and what
they plan to do to fight the locust.

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PostSubject: Re: gears of war- act 5 chapter 1   

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gears of war- act 5 chapter 1
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